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a dystopian business-simulator
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Bootstrap your dream company.

It's 2001. Start modestly from your apartment and build up your startup alongside the major players and future technology behemoths.

Assemble the best talent.

But don't spend too much. With nice perks and benefits, you can attract the most skilled workers at below-market rates. How low can you go?

Disrupt legacy industries.

In the wake of the dot-com bubble burst, the entrepreneurial landscape is ripe for revolution and fresh ideas. Innovate by combining different kinds of products - you never know what might take off!

  • Information
  • Hardware
  • Biotech
  • Defense
  • Finance
  • Entertainment

Research groundbreaking technologies.

It's your responsibility to usher in new eras of technological progress.

Hype your company to cult-like status.

You don't just make products. You aren't just a company. You are a way of life. Mold public opinion towards your company through key influencers and promotional campaigns.

Grow, grow, grow.

And never stop. Expand to new locations, acquire other companies, reach for the stars. Your shareholders demand relentless expansion and profit. Satisfy them or be forced to resign.

Change the world.

Everything you do has a consequence. With your revolutionary new products, you have the power to shape a brave new world - one in which every facet serves your ceaseless expansion.

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